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Pedestrian Counts

In November 2013, we introduced a pilot program to collect data on pedestrian traffic in the downtown core. The program involved the installation of three thermal counters located in three different area of the downtown core. These counters return data to us on the number of pedestrians at these locations, the time, and their direction of travel. No identifying characteristics of passerbys are collected, only the count of how many at any given time. This data is to be compiled and made available to those looking to invest in our downtown, including businesses, developers and realtors. Summaries of the data will also be posted here on a bi-annual and quarterly basis. For more information on the DVBA's pedestrian counters, or to sign up as a location for future installations, please contact Kerri at 250-386-2239 or email kerri@downtownvictoria.ca.

To see the information in real-time, click here: http://investdowntownvictoria.ca/pedestrian-counts/ 



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