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Restorative Justice

Victoria Integrated Court

Public disorder and disobedience have been long-standing complaints in Victoria’s downtown. The negative effects that graffiti, panhandling, public drunkenness and vandalism, among other things, have on local business and the tourism sector led the DVBA board to begin looking for potential solutions to mitigate the problem while also providing a measurable benefit to the downtown.

Retail C.O.P.

Retail C.O.P. (Cameras on Patrol)

Retail C.O.P. is a web-based, interactive program that permits business owners to share information relating to known and unknown retail criminals in our community. It allows retailers and the Victoria Police Department to fight back against organized retail crime and illegal activity that includes theft, fraud, counterfeit currency, robbery and break & enter. This secure website has been designed in full compliance with British Columbia and Canadian privacy laws.

Business Listings

Helping you connect with a downtown business is a big part of what we do at the DVBA.

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